Aesthetics and Durability in One Package

MasterCoat is our proprietary anodized finish that has the beauty of the finest decorative anodizing with abrasion resistance and hardness approaching that of military-grade hard-coat.

This declassified aerospace technology is now available for commercial markets through Master Metal.

MasterCoated parts retain more of their brightness than any other anodized finish. Parts will look spectacular and stay that way.


Military and ASTM Specifications

All work processed at Master Metal meets or exceeds the requirements of relevant Military and ASTM Specifications.

We have the capacity for large jobs, but pay attention to detail to ensure
consistent quality. We have an understanding of your complex needs.


Conventional vs. MasterCoat

Traditional mix of sulfuric acid in water burns parts easily at low power. Proprietary high performance electrolyte removes heat 400% more efficiently; no burning even at high power.


Consistency and Tolerances.

Excellent batch to batch consistency and tighter tolerances. All of the processes are performed in-house at our new facility equipped with state-of-the-art controls and water purification. All of the factors that contribute to a quality finish have been optimized.


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